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STLTH Passionfruit 3 x 2mL Pods

STLTH Passionfruit 3 x 2mL Pods

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STLTH Berry Blast 3 x 2mL Pods

STLTH’s disposable vape pod system allows you all the convenience of a disposable vape without tossing valuable lithium batteries in the trash. The STLTH vape system uses a rechargeable battery base that provides the best experience when using the original disposable vape pods as well as the new STLTH X pods.

The nicotine blend used in STLTH vape pods is proprietary and purposely made to give the user a smooth experience to help accommodate adult smokers who are looking to make the switch from traditional tobacco-based nicotine sources like cigarettes and cigars.  

STLTH disposable vape pods are a great alternative to fully disposable vapes with enclosed lithium batteries since the STLTH vape pods fit into your rechargeable STLTH Device and the empty pods can be recycled through our current recycling program alongside your original STLTH X vape pods.

• Each pack contains 3 disposable vape pods
• Individually packaged for optimal freshness
• 2mL of e-liquid per pod

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