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Level X FB Boost Pods

Level X Boost Flavour Beast 20mL Packin' Peach Berry 15000 Puffs 20mg

Level X Boost Flavour Beast 20mL Packin' Peach Berry 15000 Puffs 20mg

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Unleash a burst of succulent flavours with the Flavour Beast Level X Boost Packin' Peach Berry Pod. This pod is a delectable offering from Flavour Beast, perfectly compatible with the Level X Boost device, designed to deliver a sensational fusion of juicy peaches and sweet berries. It's an ideal choice for vapers seeking a lush, fruit-filled vaping experience that packs a punch with every puff.

Flavour Profile

  • Primary Flavour: Peach
  • Accent Flavour: Berry

The Packin' Peach Berry flavour is a luscious blend that marries the soft, sweet nuances of ripe peaches with the vibrant, tangy taste of mixed berries. This pod is crafted for those who revel in the rich tapestry of fruit flavours, offering a vape that's both refreshing and deeply satisfying.


  • Provides up to 15k puffs, ensuring a prolonged and delightful vaping adventure.
  • Boasts a 20mL E-Liquid capacity, allowing for extended enjoyment and fewer refills.
  • Features a dual coil setup, enhancing the intensity and depth of the flavour.
  • Adjustable modes to personalize your vaping experience, compatible with the Level X Boost device.
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